A curious relationship with snow

The British are renowned as being a seafaring nation, ruling the waves (and sometimes their fishing waters) and currently apparently soon to be “free of their shackles” with a trade deal, and also pride themselves of their relationship with steam (or at least steam-based transport, with a list of firsts regarding steamers and steam locomotives). However their relationship with snow is a distinctly poorer and … Continue reading A curious relationship with snow

Semesterferien strikes in Vienna and Lower Austria

Until my working circumstances changed, and I became a man of leisure, I was bound despite not having any children of school age to the school holidays for going on holiday. The shoulder season was unheard of and unchartered territory for going away. My wife, shackled to school holidays by dint of being a teacher is also similarly non-plussed. She now counts the number of Semesterferien left until retirement. We’ve tried to dodge going away at the this time of year, as when we have, the lurgy sets in and we pay full board to be ill in a hotel bed because they won’t let us cancel our accommodation. The motorail routes are also, if operating, booked out far in advance and we prefer to have a longer summer break than bankrupting ourselves by mid-February in search of snow.

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