The Hipsterisation of Vienna – Kaffeesudlesen

This week I have been busy helping out a friend to get the flat his mother left him ship-shape and rentable as a Pendlerwohnung. We have been working hard at it, but the results are pleasing and it has been quite therapeutic to be involved in what is taking shape. We could have got the builders in to do it, but it has proven to be a fun project for us all, as we are all of an age where even if we were not trained as handymen we have certain things we are quite good at, and had we picked up workers from Triesterstrasse for a day, we would have probably not had nearly as much fun.

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Fenstertage – a blessed relief or a curse?

The Stadtschulrat, my wife’s employer, decided in their wisdom that today as a Fenstertag would be a good day to have the school closed. For some parents it comes as a relief that putative illness is not required to keep a child away from school and that holiday plans can be made for a few days’ escape to relations in other parts of the country … Continue reading Fenstertage – a blessed relief or a curse?