Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

The last few weeks of 2018 have not been plain sailing. There have been reheated family feuds, ongoing worries about the welfare of my nephew on the high seas, the loss of a dear friend, and personal anxiety over B****t. The end of year quiz was a remarkably subdued affair as a result. Continue reading Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

The tedium of a snowfall

Social media and smartphones have combined to make it possible for everyone to post a picture of “the weather” as soon as it snows. By “snowing” it seems that even the first flake to fall, settle and not melt within five minutes is enough to send people into a posting frenzy. People I know in the UK get excited about snowfalls of anti-biblical proportions, my wife and I, on the other hand, do not. It is not as if Vienna gets much snow, or is permanently under a foot of the white stuff, but the perception of some friends and even family members is that we live in some kind of mountain-top resort (think Piz Gloria without Irma Bunt dishing out the orders), and that our winters must be snow-laiden chaos (they presume that we suffer from the wrong type of leaves on the track and are snowed in for weeks) as soon as the calendar indicates it should be winter.

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Autumn arrives in the Cottageviertel

As Sebastian Kurz’s turquoise revolution saw the ÖVP (or Liste Kurz) returned as the largest party at last Sunday’s Nationalrat elections, and a battle royal between the SPÖ, previously in power, and the FPÖ for second place. Wishing to avoid any mishaps, the postal votes were only counted after the votes cast in person had been counted, leaving a tantalizing and ultimately fruitless wait for … Continue reading Autumn arrives in the Cottageviertel