A swinging party in the Cottage

With a public holiday on 26th October to celebrate the anniversary of Austria’s independence-cum-neutrality in 1955 following the defeat of the Third Reich in the Second World War and subsequent occupation by the allied powers, we decided to take full advantage of the public holiday falling on a Friday to push the boat out at Curmudgeon Heights. Usually our parties are relatively staid affairs, with … Continue reading A swinging party in the Cottage

Midweek panic buying

Our neighbour of the patriotic hairdo has SMSed me again. I can only presume that she saw me heading off with a tiny shopping bag (concerned readers will sleep easier in the knowledge that I was going to return a book from the local library) and felt it necessary to intervene. My recklessness and apparent poor planning was that she had assumed I might be venturing to the supermarket.

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