Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt

Twitter is proving interesting. I get my news headlines from a range of sources nicely tweeted, and there are also some more niche members of the twitterati that I follow. Possibly the 280 character limit has helped hold my interest – as it allows a thought to be developed. And the threads of tweets can prove quite readable. There are also some wonderful tweets to blog posts and websites, and I am also guilty of this… Maybe, dear reader, you found your way here from twitter.

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Biscuit Tin – Blech/Pech gehabt?

An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that after all my pomp about the impending arrival of a biscuit tin during my trip to see “Elderly Aunt” there was no mention of the biscuit tin that was due to be entrusted to my care. I returned to Austria reeling from how the country I had spent most of my formative years in was now somewhere I no … Continue reading Biscuit Tin – Blech/Pech gehabt?