Lunch – the Sequel – Curmudgeon Style

Blessed be the crock pot, in forging Anglo-Austrian fusion cuisine. Sunday’s lunch party with the snow lying still in places by the house was a triumph for the British casserole – cooked nice and slow with the crockpot turned on at a low setting as I went outside to grit by the house to avoid any guests taking a tumble later in the day, and … Continue reading Lunch – the Sequel – Curmudgeon Style

Dressing up for lunch

Some friends had invited us over for lunch across town to be held this Sunday passed, and they said we’d be eight for lunch at theirs. Ever the precise Viennese, they had invited us well in advance – which is in distinct contrast to my attempts to invite friends over at about maximum 48 hours notice. Such an invitation comes with more gravitas. My impromptu … Continue reading Dressing up for lunch