Nachlese – a digest of late 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, written after a surfeit of wrapping paper, free calendars and tweaked while watching a Christmas Day double bill of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple dubbed into German (Joan Hickson is my Miss Marple of choice, preferably in the original language), my final post of the year is a Nachlese, a brief digest of my blogging of the events of late 2017, since I started blogging as a way to adjust to the post-working world. Fortunately, I have been quite busy, and blogging has not taken over my life. For those who might not have read from the start (shame on you, but hope you’ll stick with me), I have done a digest of the last few months in my life, as the Curmudgeon in the Cottage. I’ve linked to the posts, so hope you might dip into them. Apologies for my ironically mocking the style of “round robin” Christmas letters.

Midweek panic buying

Our neighbour of the patriotic hairdo has SMSed me again. I can only presume that she saw me heading off with a tiny shopping bag (concerned readers will sleep easier in the knowledge that I was going to return a book from the local library) and felt it necessary to intervene. My recklessness and apparent poor planning was that she had assumed I might be venturing to the supermarket.

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