Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

The last few weeks of 2018 have not been plain sailing. There have been reheated family feuds, ongoing worries about the welfare of my nephew on the high seas, the loss of a dear friend, and personal anxiety over B****t. The end of year quiz was a remarkably subdued affair as a result. Continue reading Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

Bah humbug… and still a month of it…

It is late November and already I have had enough of Christmas. I used to dread the mention of getting the decorations out to adorn the artificial tree further in advance that was suitably acceptable. My recent trip to Lincolnshire and with window displays of grinning Santas and snowmen in the pound stores (the English equivalent of the 1 Euro Store, or in the dark days pre-common currency those “10 Schilling Laden”) did little to lift my unseasonal feeling of curmudgeonly avarice.

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