Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

The last few weeks of 2018 have not been plain sailing. There have been reheated family feuds, ongoing worries about the welfare of my nephew on the high seas, the loss of a dear friend, and personal anxiety over B****t. The end of year quiz was a remarkably subdued affair as a result. Continue reading Curmudgeon emerges from the Funk(stille)

Prosit Neujahr!

As I started typing this, I had the New Year’s Concert on in the background, and there was a hearty soup on the cooker and some leftover chili con carne that we had served to our guests after watching some fireworks from a few minutes walk away up by the Salettl. The view was good although the relative piece was shattered by some youths choosing to let off fireworks only a few metres away from our huddle, while swigging red bull and vodka, and discarding their cans as they went. Continue reading “Prosit Neujahr!”

Nachlese – a digest of late 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, written after a surfeit of wrapping paper, free calendars and tweaked while watching a Christmas Day double bill of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple dubbed into German (Joan Hickson is my Miss Marple of choice, preferably in the original language), my final post of the year is a Nachlese, a brief digest of my blogging of the events of late 2017, since I started blogging as a way to adjust to the post-working world. Fortunately, I have been quite busy, and blogging has not taken over my life. For those who might not have read from the start (shame on you, but hope you’ll stick with me), I have done a digest of the last few months in my life, as the Curmudgeon in the Cottage. I’ve linked to the posts, so hope you might dip into them. Apologies for my ironically mocking the style of “round robin” Christmas letters.

Bah humbug… and still a month of it…

It is late November and already I have had enough of Christmas. I used to dread the mention of getting the decorations out to adorn the artificial tree further in advance that was suitably acceptable. My recent trip to Lincolnshire and with window displays of grinning Santas and snowmen in the pound stores (the English equivalent of the 1 Euro Store, or in the dark days pre-common currency those “10 Schilling Laden”) did little to lift my unseasonal feeling of curmudgeonly avarice.

Continue reading “Bah humbug… and still a month of it…”

Halloween in the Cottageviertel

Some of the gabled villas in the Cottageviertel that are in estate agent parlance “sanierungsbedürftig” have a touch of the haunted house about them that is far more real than any Prater attraction can hope to be, including Madame Tussaud’s, which I am informed now sports a waxwork of Andreas Gabalier, the bad boy of the Austrian Volksmusik and Schlager scene, and famous also for … Continue reading Halloween in the Cottageviertel