A crash course in Austrian sandwiches and rolls

As I rode the 10a bus through the outer districts to see “the nephew”, I overheard two British lads, probably in their early 20s, talking about football and garage sandwiches. The former subject has been pretty wall-to-wall for the last month with the World Cup taking place in Russia, but the latter was a slightly surprising one. One of the two passengers was lamenting his recent purchase from a BP garage, which was very bland and unsatisfying and his companion chipped in with “Austrians just don’t get proper sandwiches”. Continue reading “A crash course in Austrian sandwiches and rolls”

Lunch – the Sequel – Curmudgeon Style

Blessed be the crock pot, in forging Anglo-Austrian fusion cuisine. Sunday’s lunch party with the snow lying still in places by the house was a triumph for the British casserole – cooked nice and slow with the crockpot turned on at a low setting as I went outside to grit by the house to avoid any guests taking a tumble later in the day, and … Continue reading Lunch – the Sequel – Curmudgeon Style