Supermarket loyalty cards are for mugs.

Following an inventory of a common or garden Teekuche and its bespoke assortment of cutlery and crockery, the curmudgeon arrives at the source of the problem – supermarket loyalty cards, responsible for free mugs if you spend a large amount. Continue reading Supermarket loyalty cards are for mugs.

The Hipsterisation of Vienna – Kaffeesudlesen

This week I have been busy helping out a friend to get the flat his mother left him ship-shape and rentable as a Pendlerwohnung. We have been working hard at it, but the results are pleasing and it has been quite therapeutic to be involved in what is taking shape. We could have got the builders in to do it, but it has proven to be a fun project for us all, as we are all of an age where even if we were not trained as handymen we have certain things we are quite good at, and had we picked up workers from Triesterstrasse for a day, we would have probably not had nearly as much fun.

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Nachlese – a digest of late 2017

As I mentioned in my last post, written after a surfeit of wrapping paper, free calendars and tweaked while watching a Christmas Day double bill of Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple dubbed into German (Joan Hickson is my Miss Marple of choice, preferably in the original language), my final post of the year is a Nachlese, a brief digest of my blogging of the events of late 2017, since I started blogging as a way to adjust to the post-working world. Fortunately, I have been quite busy, and blogging has not taken over my life. For those who might not have read from the start (shame on you, but hope you’ll stick with me), I have done a digest of the last few months in my life, as the Curmudgeon in the Cottage. I’ve linked to the posts, so hope you might dip into them. Apologies for my ironically mocking the style of “round robin” Christmas letters.

The veneer of credit – consumerism and the young

Recently the advertising boards at bus and tram stops and screens in the buses seem to be touting “Alexa” products. I had a bit of a look to see whether I had understood correctly that you can now order dog food through your speaker system as one advert suggests. I was not surprised to see that Amazon were behind it all. I am currently in … Continue reading The veneer of credit – consumerism and the young

You know you have been in Vienna for a long-time, when…

My own personal corner of the Cottageviertel is in a state of lockdown, I have been avoiding commercialism and the dreadful scourge of Black Friday, which has now reached even Austria, despite the Mahlerian insistence that everything happens considerably later in Vienna (depending on who you have misquoting it can be between 10 and 50 years later). My recent foray into social media has seen … Continue reading You know you have been in Vienna for a long-time, when…