A crash course in Austrian sandwiches and rolls

As I rode the 10a bus through the outer districts to see “the nephew”, I overheard two British lads, probably in their early 20s, talking about football and garage sandwiches. The former subject has been pretty wall-to-wall for the last month with the World Cup taking place in Russia, but the latter was a slightly surprising one. One of the two passengers was lamenting his recent purchase from a BP garage, which was very bland and unsatisfying and his companion chipped in with “Austrians just don’t get proper sandwiches”. Continue reading “A crash course in Austrian sandwiches and rolls”

One week until the summer holidays

Being married to a teacher, we have just got to the point of the school year where even the most well prepared, conscientious and experienced teacher have started their own mental countdown until the end of the school year. Some years are harder than others, especially if you have been devoting every last ounce of energy towards getting your form through the Matura and out into the big wide world. My saying “we” was deliberate, because the end of the school year seems to have become a joint planning effort in recent years. Continue reading “One week until the summer holidays”